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Design Does – Barcelona Design Museum

Now, this is how you get the average individual to care about design. Currently on show at Barcelona Design Museum Design Does collectively explores how design tackles the challenges faced by society, at times offering improvements and, at others, doing just the opposite. Conceived to transcend the limits of space, time and conventional formats, this project explores the responsibility that lies with design and its impact on the industry, people, social systems and cultural values. Design Does question the designer’s role today and in the future as a provider of solutions, humanist, strategist and/or agent of change.

The website features questions and projects that you will find in the exhibition. What I love about this approach to content is that provokes the visitor even before they enter or go to the space. For example questions such as “Can, we live without plastic?” doesn’t shy away from the plastic waste that design has contributed to the planet. But like most design challenges, there is some that rise to the occasion to solve this wicked problem.

For the capitalists, they pose the question if brands actually want to adapt to new business models. They write: in the information era, people look for goods and services that are increasingly adapted to meet our needs. Industry 4.0, thanks to new technologies, is capable of making this a reality. This Industry 4.0 will feature Industrial designer Alexander Taylor as he explores the new forms of production of Industry 4.0, using technologies like 3D printing or through the development of sustainable products.

This is what design should be questioning, challenging and talking about in our highly connected world. I really wish I could go to Barcelona to experience this exhibition because this is what we need here in Canada.


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