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Tomb Raider Remake


I am a huge fan of the original Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie. What I don’t like about this recent revamp with Alicia Vikander is that they are starting the story before Lara Croft becomes the heroin we all have come to love.

In the first scene, we see Lara getting her ass kicked. This is to lay the groundwork that through the film she is fit because she takes this class. It’s a bit of a stretch. Next, they try to show that Lara is fast by making her a bicycle courier. And where she is so distraught about her father’s loss that she doesn’t want to inherit the billions that are coming her way. It just doesn’t make any sense. Then we are supposed to believe that she is this amazing archer. That skill is clearly reserved for Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games and it just doesn’t fit in this context.

Like most remakes, this is set up for a sequel where we can finally see the Lara Croft, tomb raiding with guns not arrows, in her manor and trying to save the whole world..aka, like in the original with Angelia Jolie.

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