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Designer Maker User

From objects to services to systems, everything in this world has been designed. Design is a process carried out by people, for people. At its heart is a dialogue between three key people: the designer, the maker, and the user. Currently, on show at London’s Design Museum, Designer Maker User invites the visitor to explore design from the perspectives of all three. It shows how designers respond to the needs of makers and users, how users consume and influence design, and how revolutions in technology and manufacturing transform the world.

The exhibition features almost 1000 items of the 20th and 21st century that help us think about a wide variety of designed products. Covering a broad range of design disciplines, from architecture and engineering to the digital world, fashion, and graphics. Designer Maker User features a bold, colourful and engaging display designed by Studio Myerscough, with digital interactives by Studio Kin.

What makes this exhibition stand out from many permanent collections is that it presents design is such a clear and interactive manner. This is the type of exhibition that I wish Canadian audiences could be exposed to at our very own Design Exchange – Canada’s design museum. We have a very strong collection of objects that can be packaged to show the importance of design on society as a whole. And at the end, what I loved, was this contemplative and inviting portion to design an object or your own and to leave it so others can see it and be inspired to add onto the collective knowledge. It was such a simple way of making sure people understood what the exhibition was trying to say and come full circle as a viewer and user to a maker and designer.

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