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Made in Canada – Shape of Water

“There are so many issues with the plot”, a friend says to me after she watches Shape of Water. I don’t have the same reaction. And after it winning Best Picture, Direction and Production Design, she may have to reconsider her comment. I really liked the dark-comedy/thriller/fantasy aspect of the movie. What I didn’t know when I watched the movie several weeks ago was that it was shot in Toronto and Hamilton. It was while I was watching it that I had to take a second look and realize that City Hall, Dofasco and the Skyway bridge, very key landmarks to the Hamilton vernacular were captured in the film. 

It never occurred to me that we have structures and buildings with a clear post-modern look and feel to me. As a local, you just associate the city and urban fabric with these strong steel elements and infrastructures because of our strong manufacturing history. And never would you think that a love story between a woman and sea creature could spark inspiration.

As a Canadian, and proud Hamiltonian, hearing us get a shout-out at the Oscars was really joyful. Just coming off the high of the Olympics this goes to show that not only are we an athletic country but an artistic one as well. Go Canada Go!


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