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The Promise and Pitfalls of Wearable Technology

It’s been almost impossible to avoid the constant stream of media reports discussing the pending release of the Apple Watch. While pundits delve into details about technical specifications and pricing of the watch, it’s easy to overlook the growing trend toward wearable technology (wearables) and the role this technology may play in the lives of those using it.

Some will view these devices as expensive gadgets for tech lovers. Others believe this technology can offer important benefits to consumers, particularly in the area of health. Consumers need to know what data a device collects, whether the data can be shared or sold to third parties, and what control they will have over the data.

Because many wearable devices are linkable to multiple websites, how data are treated will vary by website. As a result, consumers must read the privacy policies for each associated website to understand the privacy implications of using their wearable device. Privacy policies need to be transparent and easy to understand so consumers can make informed decisions.

(Via AARP)

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