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We Are Wearables Meetup

Once again, We Are Wearables founder Tom Emrich marveled at the turnout of this month’s We Are Wearables – almost 800 people signed up for the event – which focused on wearable computing and augmented reality.

The event featured a panel on AR from industry experts, the Canadian premiere of the Meta Glasses, augmented reality glasses that let you create and share objects in your environment, and a speech from Steve Mann, a Toronto-based scientist who is widely regarded as the father of wearable computing. Though Mann has been inventing wearable computing tech since the early 1980s, probably his most famous inventions include HDR (High Dynamic Range) Imaging, which is used in many manufactured cameras today, and his EyeTap Digital Eyeglass, which look like the Google Glasses of 30 years ago. He talked about his fascination with AR stemming all the way back to his childhood, when he built devices to visualize sound waves, and how this passion has continued up until now, as the current scientific director for Meta Labs.

“A meta conversation is a conversation about conversations, and meta sensing is the sensing of senses,” Mann says about their work, adding that people must continue making this kind of technology to better humanity. “As leaders in this world, it’s incumbent upon us to create this incredible and amazing way of seeing the world.”

(Via Tech Vibes)

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