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100 colors in Toyko


As Emmanuelle Moureaux’s first outdoor installation, the Toyko-designed based studio has transformed the space in Shinjuku Central Park in Tokyo using full spectrum of floating colors. Having high rise buildings in the background, the 100 colored strands dance in the breeze, as if they are breathing in and out, creating a dynamic motion. This is the 2nd exhibition of the ‘100 colors’ series, which she plans to exhibit in different cities around the world.



In 2013, the first ‘100 colors’ installed specially selected papers to create a floating volume of colors. This year, textile was chosen as a medium to catch the breeze seaming through the skyscrapers of Shinjuku. The dye compounds were carefully blended to create the unique 100 colors formula, and 1875 strands of textile were hand-dyed one by one.


100 colors are floating and swaying in the wind, coloring the breeze travelling in the city, casting gentle shadows in the summer days of Tokyo. Colors are layered with the high rise buildings, creating an extraordinary scene, attracting eyes of people walking by. Floating colors in the sky of Shinjuku is a breathtaking installation that has given people a little moment to stop by, away from the busy reality.


Photography by Daisuke Shima / Nacasa & Partners

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