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Why go to architecture school?

Does the school of architecture need an overhaul? Monocle radio recently put the question to the heads of two leading architecture schools: London’s Architectural Association and the Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. Eva Franchi i Gilbert and Amale Andraos sat down for an intimate conversation about the importance of architecture and where they see it heading in the future.

What I enjoyed about this podcast about architecture and education is the passion and knowledge these two women have for the practice. Learning about architecture, should be unlearning everything you know. Education is never finished and to be a productive citizen of the world you need the ability to articulate the political, economic and social aspects into a collective aspiration.

Where architects have the ability to shape the cities we live but also now have to position themselves as facilitators in the collaborative process. Bringing together people from different backgrounds in order for us to think how architecture can have an agency in this highly complex world we are currently living in. And most importantly, how architecture participates in the unveiling or the resolution of those issues.

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