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The Value of Silence & Tranquility in Extreme Temperatures

Situated on 25 acres of Canadian maple and pine trees is a most see and do, the Scandinave Spa. From the moment you enter the compound, signs of “Quite Please” are strategically placed at the entrances to set the tempo and mood for your thermotherapy experience.

What you won’t know until you get there, is that it will have already reached full capacity by 10 a.m. Leaving you and your party to put your names on the waitlist, a 5 hour waitlist, with no guarantee of entry. But, it’s worth the wait because once you get there, you won’t want to leave.


When you receive your text message, it’s a race to the spa. Not only do you have to pack outfits to deal with the hot baths, but you also have to realize that in order to get there you will have to wear all your winter gear to deal with the cold temperatures in the dead of winter.

In minus 15 weather, me and my girls dawned our bathing suits and flip flops and prepared for a relaxing evening at the spa. After the shock of the cold weather, we raced and might have screamed a little, from one sauna structure to nearest hot bath.


The bath circuit which, includes hot, cold, rest…this evening was more like, get to the hot, deal with the cold (weather) with no rest in between. Unless you are Elsa from Frozen, spa-ing in the winter, in the middle of a snow storm sucks. The extreme temperature froze our towels and flip flops making it very hard stay hot throughout the entire experience.

Despite the beautifully balanced modern and traditional architecture which is perfectly carved into the natural landscape, I can’t wait to experience the new edition…in the summer.

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