ESSENCE Skyscraper

eVolo Skyscraper is an international architectural competition organized periodically since 2006. The aim of the competition is to test ideas relating to buildings at heights. ESSENCE by Bomp is an attempt to revisit ideas about the reception of the image of a modern city.

On the outskirts of everyday life, in the heart of the city, the team proposed a “secret garden” in the form of a skyscraper. Referring not only to the city’s image, but also for its atmosphere, we suggested the combination of architecture, landscape and literature.


The project is located in a theoretical location of high-intensity development. The proposed public building consists of 11 landscapes spread over subsequent levels, combined in a way that allows anus hiking. Penetrating landscapes enable routing of alternative routes. The vegetation, mineral material, animals and phenomena associated with: splash of water, light, wind noise, roughness stones, the smell of grass would suggest holding of a parallel sensory journey.


The main goal of the project is to position non-architectural phenomena in a dense, urban fabric, by using the building as a neutral background. An inspiration rooted in the nature allowed to form a representation of external worlds in a shape of the vertical structure. Overlapping landscapes like an ocean, a jungle, a cave, a waterfall, so on and so forth, tend to stimulate diverse and complex range of sensual experiences – not only visual, but also acoustic, thermal, olfactory, kinesthetic, etc.



Huge open floor plan forms spectacular entrance area, cropped by the water floor, a gigantic fish tank lifted up to 30 meters above the ground and a group of columns set up to surround the plaza, while supporting the building structure. They are meant to form an environmentally justified sequence open to the public. Three among the levels contain technical facilities in order to control all the demanded conditions.


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