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Playful playgrounds by MONSTRUM

What makes a MONSTRUM playground different from your average, every day site? Well, everything! The Danish design studio has spent the last 12 years, reinventing the notion of parks through artistic and design related thematic areas that fascinates and inspires

both adults and children.

Dragon#10_editThe main purpose of MONSTRUMs playgrounds is to challenge the motor skills of the child at all levels. The most successful playgrounds have a clearly defined age group or are divided into separate areas to meet the needs of the specific ages.


When MONSTRUM design’s a playground you will always find a creative, visual expressions combined with classic elements like the swing, the slide, and the carousel.


The design of MONSTRUMS playgrounds are based on stories. The playgrounds must first
of all inspire children to play and challenge their motor skills as well as their imagination.
But MONSTRUMs easily recognizable playgrounds are more than just playgrounds.


They are sculptures in the landscape and urban space, telling stories and makes people smile just by looking at them. In this way, they are landmarks of their surroundings, so both children and adults talk about “meeting at the snake.”


“A good playground should inspire kids to move. The swing and the ropeway are classical playground elements where you can feel the joy and the tickle in your stomach just by looking at it. What makes MONSTRUM playgrounds unique is that kids are not able to figure out how to use them just by looking at them. They have to explore it. When they are running or climbing through the playground there is not only one right way. They have to consider a lot of options and paths assessing their motor skills and safety. This creates continuos movement.”  – Christian Jensen founder of MONSTRUM


All images courtesy of MONSTRUM

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