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San Juan Grill by Kob&Co.

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San Juan Grill  is a restaurant offering high quality cuts of meat and specializing in Northern Mexican regional cuisine. Located at the Nuevo Sur development in Monterrey Mexico, its menu is a fusion of contemporary elements with honest traditional Mexican food.

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The design reflects the origins and processes of the company which funded the restaurant, having started as a butcher’s shop in 1952, it grew to become the most successful chain of butcher’s shops Monterrey, a city known for its traditional barbeques.

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San Juan butcher’s shops have a historic presence in the city, and decided to enrich it by creating a restaurant where they can pair their best product with a warm and straightforward dining experience.

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The mood integrates the butcher’s shop expertise and the food processes as part of the experience. Materials linked traditionally to the cattle industry were used, such as iron, wood, leather and fire.

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The space is divided into six areas, these consist of the terrace and entrance, bar, private dining area, grill area, bathrooms and kitchen/administration. Each zone is defined by suspended elements which accentuate and determine the space in three visual dimensions highlighted by with contrasting materials.

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The openness and height of the space was preserved, while the material palette was selected to reflect the traditional and contemporary image of the butcher’s shop. Natural materials like wood, leather and stone represent the agricultural beginings, more processed materials such as metal and glass divide and frame the five different interior areas where both past and present collide. Simplifying the shapes and textures of a grazing range, a pattern was made for the terrace where plants divide the reception and waiting areas and frame the exterior space.

San Juan Grill

Project type: Commercial Interior
Location: Monterrey,Nuevo León Mexico
Year: 2015
Client: San Juan Grill

DesignTeam: Diego Licea,Carolina Basurto Torres, Tatiana Posadas
Project Manager: Berenice Gomez
Construction Supervision: Guillermo Gutierrez de Velasco Schmidt, Alejandro Cantu

Photography: GroovyChaos

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