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Data Privacy: It’s Not Just Big Companies, Folks

IT is grappling with how to protect sensitive data, making the state of data privacy worrisome no matter how big or small the organization is. Smaller companies care about data privacy just as much as big ones do, but they’re ill-equipped to do much about it. Large enterprises take more measures to deal with the issue, but they aren’t that successful, either.

When we talk about topics like IT governance, data privacy, and information security, there’s a tendency to imagine that these issues apply primarily to large companies with household names. As if smaller organizations don’t … well, not exactly don’t care, but they have so much to juggle, and fewer IT staff available to do the juggling, that such matters get little attention.

As it turns out, that’s not precisely so. Small and mid size businesses care about data privacy. They care a lot. A recent report among IT and business professionals responsible for corporate data, sponsored by by Druva, shows that 93% of respondents across company size are challenged by data privacy.

(Via Business to Community)

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