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Are we over looking security in our smart cities?

The smart city is a city which uses digital technology to run itself and manage resources efficiently. A city can be defined as smart, once all the eight key aspects that make the foundation of a city are identified as smart: governance, energy, building, infrastructures, mobility, technology, healthcare and safety.

Indeed, all nations in the world are now racing to create smart cities within their territories to ensure that all aspects of life are critically improved and made smart so to guarantee citizens’ well-being. From Stockholm, to Berlin, Paris and Barcelona, national governments, local municipalities are focused on implementing smart technologies across all major domains. The new power players of the world, the likes of India, Nigeria, Brazil, Turkey, China, are now learning this lesson and running with this vision in their elected governments.

Although the major facets for a successful smart city are taken into account, nonetheless, I have noticed that one facet seems to be overlooked, security. Security should be the top priority when implementing and drafting a smart city programme. However, many a time it is ignored or not prioritized, forgetting that smart security could improve not solely the lives and safety of its citizens, but also make an impact on the other key aspects comprising a city, and in so doing will protect the national critical infrastructures in the other sectors.

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