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Cyber security from an attacker’s perspective

Data is the most prized asset in the world of cyber security, involving threat analysis and protection. The use of technology has evolved, spurred on by the need to consistently protect infrastructure and resources, as well as source reliable information about the level of protection at any given time. It is about identifying potential weak spots in the security system, those can could be exploited, and what the potential risks to the organization could be.

Management at Finnish cyber security services company Silverskin says the company does what few competitors in the global digital security space can: source and provide concrete information of the current and futuristic security status of a business by offering decision makers a view from an attacker’s perspective. Under the direction of founder and CEO Mikko Niemelä, an expert on large scale cybercrime investigations, effects, auditing and protection, Silverskin has now identified Africa as a market in which there is a growing demand for analysis to provide reliable data on the strength of security systems implemented by businesses.

(Via I Web Africa)

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