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Beware your car could be spying on you

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Modern vehicles are powerful data-scraping machines, warns a group of B.C. privacy advocates, and Canada urgently needs to regulate what companies can do with the information cars send them.

“Policy-makers have to provide the guidance that the automotive industry desperately needs on how general principles of data protection apply in their sector,” reads the report by The British Columbia Freedom of Information and Privacy Association (FIPA).

Electronic control units keep track of everything from how fast you drive to how long your car idles and how suddenly you brake, the report says. Your car’s GPS system, for example, also keeps track of your exact location, sending that information to the car’s manufacturer, or possibly a third-party call centre or an insurance agency.
Detailed information about where a person spends their time paints an intimate picture of their life, the report says, and can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

(Via CTV News)

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