NEO LAMINATI by Kelly Behun


The Neo Laminati collection is a reinterpretation of some of the 20th century’s most memorable design movements: Avant Garde, OpArt, the Memphis Group and Minimalism. All surfaced in high quality laminates, each piece in the collection is available in a range of finish combinations including three custom
stripe patterns and a rainbow of pre-selected solid colors.

Bench_4 Bench_5 Bench_7 Side_1

Designed by New York-based interior design firm Kelly Behun which specializing in interiors and furniture design.
Alongside artist Alex P. White, the Studio produces unique, highly customized environments that treat the
domestic environment as more of a sculptural landscape than just a pleasing furniture arrangement.

Side_2 Side_3 Side_4 Side_5 Side_6 Side_7 SidePair_1 SidePair_2 SidePair_3 SidePair_5 Vessel_2 Vessel_5 Vessel_6 Vessel_7 Zchair_2 Zchair_3 Zchair_6

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