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Raptors Square

Something interesting is happening in Toronto; we’re gathering and celebrating the playoffs. For the first time in years, Maple Leaf Square is realizing its potential with frantic fans, cheering and screaming, flooding the plaza. It’s one of the rare instances when a corporate agenda meshed effortlessly with civic priorities.

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Maple Leaf Square, which opened in 2010, is considered the epicentre of Toronto sports and entertainment, but recently got to fulfill its civic destiny with four Raptors games. The plaza, which is a large open area west of the Air Canada Centre and south of Union Station, was a space people walked through and not necessarily to. Despite the camaraderie of the fans, the space still lacks amenities, especially seating; signalling a clear message: ‘keep moving.’


But despite the temporality of the space, you can’t deny the spirit that sports bring to a city. Maple Leaf Square is a touchstone linking visitors and residents to Toronto’s vast cultural tapestry. It is a magnet for fans who want to see their team succeed: ‘Go, Raptors, Go!’

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