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Encants Barcelona

Known as Els Encants or ‘Mercat Fira de Bellcaire’, it ​​is the oldest market in Europe. From the fourteenth century is a great example of Barcelona’s commercial dynamism and unique mercantile spirit.

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Over 500 professionals and traders have, year after year, day after day, sold in this market that is an expansive 15,000 m2. Over 100,000 consumers visit the site every week, searching for an array of objects from used furniture, antiques, clothing, books, records, electrical equipment, machinery and appliances new and second hand, decoration, hardware, etc..

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Antique auctions take place at 7:00am , when all the commercial buyers are there, and again at noon when all the unsold goods drop in price. Bargaining is expected and fun! Arrive early so you have time to walk around at your own pace.

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