The Stop Night Market


As designers we know that the material world is finite. We have to create with a new mentality towards construction and sustainability. We believe that through the “Circle of Reuse” we can reduce construction costs and waste making our ecological footprint more sustainable, which will result in designs that are more affordable to the greater community.

Our food cart will re-use materials from installations developed for the 2016 “Dinner by Design” held at the Design Exchange earlier this year. The event brought together celebrated architects and designers to raise awareness and funds for charities in the local community. Local talent were tasked with creating a three-dimensional dining experience that inspires and delights – all for a good cause.

We reached out to the designers who participated in the event to see if they would give us any material from their installations to build our food cart out of. Joel Loblaw and Guido Constantino agreed to give us some items from their exhibits: “Outdoor Kitchen” and “Skin + Bones”. They believe in “designing for a good cause”.

By approaching the community and using their activation to start the “Circle of Reuse” we are able to change one link in the design process creating more accessible, affordable and sustainable products. How can the food industry meet the challenge in the same way? To view the entire process visit Edge Dweller here.