Richelle Sibolboro

Future of Travel Calendar 2021


As a future futurist, I love thinking about the possibilities that tomorrow might bring. As a tumultuous 2020 came to a close, and with it leisure travel on hold for most, I found these calendars created by Future Today Institute, where they decided to put their skills as futurists toward a purely entertaining endeavor – a world tour of 2021 that speculates what the year (I know it’s March) has in store for each new destination, from absurd to dystopian.

Let me know your thoughts and if they hit the nail on the head with some of these predictions.

Richelle Sibolboro

Design strategist and content creator for hire with a passion for arts and culture specifically in design, architecture, and travel. She has produced content for designboom, Azure magazine, Open City Projects, Digifest, and World Design Weeks. Follow her on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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