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June 8th

It’s my birthday today. 36! Some of the major events that are happening today:

The PC party has a majority government for the provincial election which means Doug Ford is the Premier.

Anthony Bourdain has committed suicide, just days after Kate Spade took her life as well.

And I have injuries and bruises from rugby. Who would have thought that I would be playing with kids still in high school on my team? This is definitely a new era in hitting your mid-thirties.

As a challenge to myself, and to defy that saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” I am going to do/learn/explore 36 new things this year. It’s a revamped idea to a bucket list, which I am calling my birthday list. At the moment I have 20 items and will look to fill another 16 in the coming months. Check out my list:

  1. Learn to solve a rubix cube
  2. Learn to play the drums
  3. Learn to cook pancit
  4. Learn a new language
  5. Learn to code
  6. Learn to fly a plane
  7. Write a screenplay
  8. Learn to ride a motorcycle
  9. Go hunting
  10. Learn to knit
  11. Learn to silk screen a t-shirt
  12. Re-learn Chopin Waltz Opus. 64 No.2
  13. Get the confidence to sing
  14. Complete a spartan race
  15. Try to solve Einstein’s house problem
  16. Learn to decorate a cake
  17. Learn to shoot video footage with a drone
  18. Exhibit video mapping and projection
  19. Go rock climbing
  20. Speak at a conference


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