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A Turkish Bath

I’ve only done one body treatment. And boy was that a revealing experience. So, my lack of research into what a Turkish bath entailed was, of course, amusing when I got into the room to find out that I would be almost fully naked (except for a piece of cloth around my unmentionables).

I don’t really have any body issues. Having been training this offseason for rugby, I feel that I am in the best shape of my life. So, showing it off – hey I was happy to do it. What I wasn’t prepared for was the exfoliation. After having played rugby the day before my body is battered and bruised. So the excessive scrubbing was a little intense in some places. My lady noticed one of my many bruises and let up on the pressure.

What I quite liked about the treatment was that it was like being massaged by water. Hot water. And the feeling of it over your body is very sensational. Then having bubbles places over your body brings you back to being a kid. In a bubble bath. I tried to keep my eyes open for the bubble part and it was like watching a conductor all of a sudden create bubbles out of the air. There was a rhythm to it. There was also a rhythm to the splashing of water. I peeked and noticed that they had 2 bowls of water, one in each hand, and would pour it over our bodies, in perfect unison.

I would highly recommend experiencing a Turkish bath. It’s like, if you want to feel like a complete diva and have something bathe you, this is the treatment for you.

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