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Hello Kitty Train

Why do places like Japan think of inventive ways of taking the mundane task of commuting to a whole another level? Hello Kitty is getting their own themed bullet train which will take to the tracks on June 30th.

The Hello Kitty-themed shinkansen (bullet train) will feature a pink interior, decorated with images of the beloved character as well as its trademark bows and ribbons. The 500-series shinkansen will be used for daily round trips connecting Osaka and Fukuoka.

The train will also include a Hello Kitty-themed photobooth area in one car, named the Kawaii! Room. This carriage will include seats with Hello Kitty armrests, windows, floors, and headrests.

Another car called the Hello! Plaza, will have no passenger seats and instead will be used as an exhibition area and gift shop featuring regional specialties including souvenirs and food products.

The specially themed shinkansen was designed in collaboration with Hello Kitty creator Sanrio, which is also teaming up with a sightseeing bus operator and airplane company for similar themed projects.

This made me think…as a brand why are we waiting for people to come to us? And instead of trying to grab their attention with advertisements why not give them an experience that they will enjoy and most importantly interact with for hours on end. If we look at this from an engagement perspective and push it a little further to include art projects, we could essentially create a whole new way of presenting, exhibiting and showcasing art to potential patrons.

What if there was a position created for a curator of public experience whose job is too active spaces around the city for people to engage with in new ways. Creating partnerships with organizations, companies, public institutions to bring art to the people in everyday spaces. Instead of creating spaces for art and hoping people come to them. These untapped spaces could create whole new dialogues and experiences to bring art and design to the people and in turn elevating the cultural capital of a city.



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