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Branding a brandless company – Muji

What I love about Muji is the simplicity in their designs. You can see it in every aspect of your home. There’s a sense of zen and cleanness about the look and feel of their products. In recent years this company has started to expand its product line to pre-fab homes to hotel chains in Asia.

Now, when you think of innovation, Muji is not the first company that’s top of mind but Kenya Hara says it eloquently in a recent Dezeen interview: “Muji itself is a special existence, and it is like spinning circus plates – you have to keep moving the sticks in order for the plates to spin.” And the motion he is describing is not in making trendy statements it’s in the continual pursuit to improve the way people live. Which has brought them to launching a prefabricated holiday cabin, and plans to open hotels, and Hara said he often jokes with his team about creating Muji travel brands or sports teams.

If you were to launch a Muji product what would it be?

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