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Lovin’ Their Jobs

Today, I went to the doctor. And like most experiences, you aren’t really expecting a whole lot of customer service even though it’s a one-on-one job.

All of the receptionists are the worst at giving the patient a sense of ‘reception’ when they arrive at the clinic. There just a lot of signs of what not do to do, such as, “tapping the window” when you arrive, they will get to you when they are ready. What a sense of importance when you are at your most vulnerable.

But things did turn for the better. After I told the doctor my issues, I got my paperwork and proceeded to the x-ray lab. Once again, the receptionist has one job, to receive the patient and they could care less. But, once I got the technician that’s when I finally started to feel at ease. She received me with such an uplifting attitude. She told me what to take off, where to change and how to put on the gown. I’m sure she says the same thing for every patient but it seemed like it was so specific to me. Once I got into the room, she was super efficient and a sense of joy in her step while she was doing it. Even when I asked some random questions, she was happy to answer them fully.

Next, I headed to the blood clinic. Where once again, long lines and large waiting rooms were the next order of business. Luckily, I brought a book to read to pass the time. The next technician was hilarious. She asked me about my symptoms then told me a story about how one of her patients thought she had the best doctor. She asked if he could cure the common cold which was answered with silence. Then when she saw who my doctor was she told me that she had visited him at the clinic and cured her with one pill. She was surprised at how good he was. I didn’t even feel the needle while she was telling me this story and actually made me laugh. After that, she took me to the back for a cardiogram. Where once again she told me a story about how she hooked herself up to one of them when she had to fix one. She was shocked to see what she saw. Then after some fun gossip about the lab my test was done. She literally took what is the most fearful of tests, blood and heart, and turned it into a girls day at the lab.

And finally, I took a free Brazilian jiu-jitsu class today. Like most of these martial arts studios, it is quite intimidating seeing a full class of dudes in gis wrestling each other. Luckily, because it was my first time there, I had my own personal coach. He was able to break down something that looks quite complicated into small easy steps. I initially took this class to help me with rugby. But after this experience, I might actually continue.

In the end, experiences that are typically horrific can be completed changed by the people doing the work and loving their job. One person can really make a difference.

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