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Dezeen and Instagram team up for @design

In a world where influencers rule the day on social media. Two of the biggest influencers in architecture and design have joined forces to outsource the content. They recently did a call for contributors to be one of the founding members to be featured during Milan Design Week. One of the caveats, you actually have to be going to cool stuff and are willing to post it for this channel. 

The brilliance behind it is that content is created for free at a time when beautiful things are being presented for the first time. The downside is that there isn’t any consistency in the visual narrative. I follow individuals either to see a personal window into their lives or to see really compelling content by well-known brands. By hiring essential “nobodies” the channel is struggling to find a cohesive look and feel. I’d rather follow dezeen, frame or archdaly for trending and compelling content than a channel that is struggling to find its voice. But on the other hand, it has close to 17k follower with only 10 posts since it’s launch less than 3 week ago.

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